Cream Color Chassis for

  • Permanent colorants
  • Demi-permanent colorants, ammonia-free
  • Semi-permanent colorants
Cream color
HCT Cream color

HCT’s – Proprietary Wax/Emulsifier System

  • cream base
  • non-animal derived components
  • highly salt tolerant (up to 20% and more)
  • high thermostability (up to 50°C over weeks and months)
  • compatible with Toluene-2,5-diamine sulfate (PPD-free compositions)
  • compatible with standard alkalizers (e.g. ammonium hydroxide, ethanolamine and further alkalizing agents)
  • non-sticky dye base, appears light even if highly loaded with salts and other cosmetic ingredients
  • easy mixing with various peroxide activators (developer compositions)
  • no significant differences in viscosity when mixed with activators in various ratios (e.g. 1+1, 1+1.5 and 1+2)
  • non-drip ready-to-use composition
  • brush-and-bowl and shaker/bottle applications
  • easy application to the hair
  • excellent on-head emulsifying properties
  • easy extending from the roots to the lengths and tips to provide a smooth root-to-tip transition
  • easy rinsing after processing
  • very good wet and dry combing
  • compatible with all current care ingredients and components useful for marketing claims
  • smooth and healthy feeling of the hair

Color Formula Support – Improving existing formulas

  • Viscosity adjustment
  • Mixability with developers
  • Skin compatibility
  • Ingredients for advertising
  • Care improvement