Color Shades

  • Natural shades
  • Natural intense shades
  • Fashioned shades
  • Light grey to anthracite shades
  • Silver shades
  • Customized shades
  • Mix tones

HCT shades

Silver grey shade

HCT Shades are based on safety-assessed dyes

  • balanced primary intermediate / coupler ratios
  • PPD-free hair dyes (standard is Toluene-2,5-diamine sulfate)
  • Resorcinol-free hair dyes

Pyrazole vibrant Reds and Violets

  • Providing vibrant and rich shades – copper, deep reds and violets

Mix Tones

  • Fashioned shades based on dedicated oxidation dyes and direct dyes
color development

Lightening Systems

  • Classical bleaches, dust-free bleach powders (6-7 levels of lift)
  • High lift systems (4-5 levels of lift)
  • Lightening gels (1 level of lift)
bleached hair